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Haleeb Foods Publicly Shamed Over Social Media Due to a Payment Dispute

haleeb foods payment dispute

Viral EDGE which is a Karachi based ad and social media agency overtook the Facebook page of Haleeb Foods yesterday. It has publicly asked the company to pay all the pending dues which they owe towards the agency.

Images were uploaded by Viral EDGE which read:

“Dear Fans, please help us in recover our payments die since more than 7 months on account of Haleeb Foods.

Kindly re-share the page on your profile to support the cause.”

Background of the Story

After a thorough investigation, it has been inferred that it is a common dispute which usually occurs for the IT services. Here’s how the story goes:

Viral EDGE was contacted by Haleeb Foods to develop two sites, one of which belonged to the company itself and the other one was for a sister company. A proper legal contract was signed between the two companies. The two sites were developed by Viral Edge and a partial payment was made by the Haleeb Foods. When the final delivery was near, a dispute arose between the two parties with Haleeb Foods calling off the contract with the social media agency. They didn’t respond to any of the emails sent by Viral Edge which even offered revisions.

The matter has remained unresolved for months now with both the parties failing to resolve the dispute.

The intriguing part here is that the contract was free from any clause which discussed the damages due to termination. But this doesn’t sideline the fact that Haleeb maintained a highly unprofessional behavior while calling it off with the Viral EDGE.

All the emails which were sent by the social media agency did not receive even a single reply.

One of the biggest mistakes which were made by Haleeb was to give the control of their Facebook page to the business manager of Viral EDGE.

It has been three weeks since Viral EDGE removed Haleeb’s name from the page and took over it entirely.

An email was sent by Viral EDGE which stated that they will publicly shame Haleeb Foods if they do not grant their payments but the email again went unresponded. Out of desperation and frustration, Viral EDGE resorted to uploading those shameful pictures on the social media.

Mistakes Made By Haleeb Foods:

  • They did not end the matter professionally and terminated the contract in a way which was unacceptable for any party.
  • Their official pages were still under the control of Viral EDGE.
  • They did not respond to any of the emails which were sent by Viral EDGE to them.

Mistakes Made By Viral EDGE:

  • They failed to include the actions which were supposed to be undertaken in the case of termination of the contract. It is always advisable to jot down all possible outcomes legally.
  • They didn’t come through legal means against Haleeb Foods.
  • They took the law into their hands and didn’t even seek refuge in media which could have pressurized Haleeb Foods to respond to their emails.
  • They committed a cybercrime by changing the digital content of the Haleeb Foods page.

The Haleeb Foods Facebook page is still under Viral EDGE control but they are seeking legal aid.

The brands must realize where to draw the line with the companies they are working with and the highest levels of fairness and merit should be maintained in the transactions.

It is hoped that everyone else in the industry will learn a lesson from this incident.

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