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Engine of Another PIA’s ATR Catches Fire During Take Off

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Pakistan International Airline is in talks again with another of its ATR catching fire right before take-off in Multan. Flight PK-581 was traveling to Karachi from Multan when this incident happened at the airport.

The flight was just seconds away from taking off when this incident occurred at the runway of the Multan Airport. The pilot immediately stopped the flight from a take-off and informed the control tower about the fire.

Recently, the nation saw the sad incident of the PK-661 crashing which took away 47 lives including Pakistani legend Junaid Jamshed and DC Chitral Usama Warraich.

PIA has been trying to recover the damaged done to it for quite a while and has been successful in doing so. Not only did it buy some new aircraft but also changed the look of the entire crew giving itself a fresher feel. Younger and energetic faces were introduced to the crew with a more appealing uniform. Even the crash record of the airline was a lot better as compared to the other airlines with only one being reported in 2006 prior to the Chitral one.

However, the case is slightly different. Although the track record of the company is good but there have been numerous instances where there has been a near escape for the company. All such cases are a proof of the poor maintenance of the aircraft and show the corruption and lack of merit in this organization.

The alarming situation is that PK 581 was the same ATR42 aircraft like the one which crashed in Chitral. This calls for either grounding all such aircraft or providing them with improved maintenance which is evidently quite expensive.

Pakistanis have been socially condemning the airline because of the negligence by the government for precious human lives.

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