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Companies Using Cheap Marketing Tactics to Cash on Junaid Jamshed’s Demise

2016 will be ending on a very tragic note for Pakistan with 47 people losing their lives due to a plane crash near Havelian. Flight PK-661 of Pakistan International Airlines was traveling from Chitral to Islamabad and one of the most loved religious scholars of Pakistan, Junaid Jamshed, was on board.

While the nation still mourns the tragic loss of so many precious lives, there are people out there who are finding Jamshed’s death to be a great tactic to target their consumers. Within 5 hours of him leaving the world, people are using his name to sell their themselves and striking the emotional side of the people out there.

It seems that ignorance and insensitivity have started ruling the ruthless marketing world and people have no value for human sentiments and emotions.

Some of the brands reached such a high level of insensitivity that they didn’t even think before going too blunt and disregarded the worth of a precious life.

State Life Kez Karachi did start off their message by writing RIP JJ but they hardly meant it because the very next thing which was done by them was to sell their insurance policy. The nation still hasn’t come out of the shock of losing Junaid Jamshed like this and the brands are keen to reap some profit from this national heartbreak.

JazzTunes is also not far behind and has started sending out text messages to its users. Gaining control of the emotional side of the public, Jazz did not miss the opportunity to market themselves through this national icon while the whole Pakistan grieves his death.

State Life Kez Karachi and Jazz have proved the fact that the field of marketing is deviating from basic human ethics and lacks objectivity. Earlier, the electronic media of Pakistan was famous for taking advantage of the human emotions and now, marketing in the country has also adopted a similar route. There is a difference between an ad and a condolence and there must be some regard for such national tragedies.

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