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WhatsApp Allows You To Watch Videos While Downloading


WhatsApp is back at it again! From being our favorite casual social hangout, it has completely won our hearts with its mission to bring its users convenient and awesome features, and has now introduced a feature which allows you to watch a video while it is downloading, as part of the update to the beta version 2.16.365 of the app.

Before this feature was launched, the app required its user to download the video before it could be viewed. But with the advent of this feature, you are likely to save a lot of time and storage (should you deem the video is not worthy of your space), before it is downloaded. And in a fast paced world like ours today, it is important that our interaction is fast paced too!

This feature displays a play button on the video content while it is still buffering. The usual download button is placed on the bottom left. With WhatsApp’s whopping number of a more than a billion users, many from developing countries as well, it is a sure shot way of relieving some of the inconveniences of a messenger app.

It is not completely certain when the update will get its place in the public release and be available, but it shouldn’t take that much time now that is in beta. It is only being reported by beta testers of the app in India currently. With its new GIF support and conversion tools, the new changes will work together synergistically and augment WhatsApp’s future.

Only earlier this week, WhatsApp had launched its most awaited feature  of video-calling, a much-needed addition after years of demand from users from all around the world.

If you still are not part of the WhatsApp family… Do you really need more reason to join?

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