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Uber deals for Loyal Riders


If you are an avid user of Uber, there is good news for you. Uber is providing all its top users with a VIP program entailing premium service packed with monthly perks and benefits, giveaways and the like.

In lieu of the regressing condition of public transport, a more affordable and sophisticated transport service was introduced to Pakistan. First it was the popular Careem, and now Uber, that had launched only recently this year.

As part of their ongoing purpose to override Careem’s established success, Uber decided to introduce this VIP program to anyone who takes more than 10 Uber rides a month.

Perks include:

  • Premium service entailing your rides to be partnered with the highest-rated drivers in the best cars available.
  • Monthly perks such as giveaways and early access to promotions.
  • Giving your feedback and complaints the highest priority.

If you want to avail this offer, all you have to do is complete 10 rides with Uber’s transport service, based in Lahore and Karachi. Uber keeps tracks of your rides, and as you hit the mark, you will be notified that you are enlisted in their VIP program.

Uber’s VIP service carries no extra cost and is equal to UberGo’s prices. As the number of cars available to Uber VIP is still limited, it may take time on the waiting list of the program.

In the time span of a few months, Uber is tied neck to neck with Careem, a transport service that has come from the UAE. But of course, who doesn’t love the idea of easily accessible, cheaper rides in the hustle and bustle of our wonderful city?

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