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Samsung Washing Machines Exploding! No Kidding!

samsung washing machines exploding

While Samsung was still recovering from the Note 7 trauma, another ailment has befallen the South Korean giant.

Now its washing machines have started exploding at high speeds, severely injuring as many as 9 people including a broken jaw, injured shoulder, and a fall.

Within a month of having recalled  2.5 million phones, the company is now obligated to recall 2.8 million top-loader washing machines.

The complaints about exploding washing machines had started about a year ago and till to date 733 complaints have been launched against the company but Samsung issued a recall just this Friday as the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced.

In its recall notice issued, CPSC said “the 733 complaints it had received were of washers experiencing excessive vibration or the top detaching from the washing machine chassis.”

“We’re talking about … a very serious hazard of the top of these washing machines completely blowing off,” CPSC chairman Elliot Kaye told ABC News. “It is a lot of reports.

A class action lawsuit was filed against Samsung by two women in Indiana Federal court in March.

Indiana resident Suzanne Moore and Texas resident Michelle Fielder said “Samsung Electronics America Inc. exposed them to unreasonable harm and unjustly received their money by selling them brand-new washing machines that exploded violently in their homes just a few years later, causing significant damage,” according to Law360.

Kaye told ABC “the problem was a design failure where the lids of the units weren’t secured enough…the top just completely blows off.”

ABC News while reporting another incident said, “One woman was severely injured when during the final spin cycle of her washing machine, the lid blew off, striking her so hard that she hit a cabinet and her jaw, hip and head suffered serious injuries.”

Samsung has decided to recall all 34 models of the top-loader that were sold post March 2011. Customers owning any of these models have been provided with three options; they can either opt for a free repair in their home, avail a rebate to purchase any new machine, or request a total refund of the price.

In a statement released a day before the washing machine recall, Samsung said that it was still not sure about what caused the Galaxy Note 7 to catch fire.

With 2.5 million phones and 2.8 million washing machines recalled, this year has proved to be the worst for Samsung. After suffering a total wipe out of the Company’s mobile profits this year, will it be able to survive this washing machine recall?

More than the financial losses, it’s the good name of the company that has suffered the biggest blow. It might take years for the tech giant to build its reputation back to what it once enjoyed.

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