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Peoples Obsession With Tablet is Over

tablet sales dropped

Strategy Analytics report a decline in the tablet sales by around 10 % annually, abating it to an all time lowest of 46.6 million. The tablet market has seen a continuous decline since bigger screens have become the norm in smartphones.

The diminishing sales are not as surprising as the fact that the tablet market is dominated by no name, brandless ‘white box’ tablets, managing to acquire a good 30.1% share of the global market. Apple iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy tabs might be the bigger names in the market but they no longer are the rulers.

Apple has taken second place with a market share of 19.9%, only able to increase it by 0.8% since last year. It only shipped 9.3 million units worldwide but  managed to capture 19.9% by increasing its average selling prices of premium iPad pro devices to $459.

Samsung stood next in line with a share of 14.1% which shows that the giant has somehow survived the Galaxy Note 7 recall and still has some integrity left in the public eye.

The wind however, is blowing in favour of Windows tablets. They have taken over the market, grabbing 16% of the market share with sales booming by 25% to 7.3 million. The reason seems to be the free Windows 10 licence for tablets. This has hit the android devices hard, diminishing the cumulative share of all android tablets by 17%.


Even though the market is shrinking for traditional tablets, it is growing in a different direction for 2-in-1 Tablets.

Eric Smith, Senior Analyst, Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies service added, “Even as strong 2-in-1 Tablet demand contributes to rising ASPs, prices are falling for these devices into a sweet spot where consumers can now justify replacing one or more computing devices with a single 2-in-1 Tablet. The wave of growth we expect in the next several years is based on this trend as well as hastened adoption among enterprises over the next several years.”

While Lenovo and Huawei compete in Asia for a bigger market share, Amazon has successfully stabilised its position in the industry by reaching out to a wide range of customers in seeking an entertainment tablet. It sold 7 inch Fire Tablets at $49 providing customers with an integrated Amazon entertainment eco-system at such a low price, therefore gaining a happy customer base.

Overall, tablet sales this year could only rack up at 46.6 million, declining by 5.1 million as compared to the same time last year.

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