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New Weapon Takes Down Entire Fleet Of Drones In One Go


An anti-air device has been introduced that is capable of taking down many drones at once, with one single firing, as per the declassified details given by the US military. Referred to as “Phaser”. the UAV killer utilizes external radar systems to pinpoint target locations, and then fires a wave of radiation strong enough to destabilize the control systems on the drone, rendering it unsteady and hence, useless.

This brand new defense system is based on the rifle-style DroneDefender prototypical concept that was revealed last year. However, the concept behind this new device has been modified and improved to a microwave-emitting dish with settles on top of a shipping container that holds a diesel generator within it as a source of power.

The steady increase in the number of commercial drones has sparked concern due to a number of instances that occured where UAVs that trespassed restricted air space actually shut down the airports. Militants in combat have also used the commercial drones to propagate violence and attacks by arming them with hand held grenades.

Phaser’s new and improved technology thus allows it to not only render drones ineffective, but render all electronic devices holding a circuit lying within its effective and working range ineffective as well. This would thus include tablets, computers, targeting systems or even vehicles such as cars and trucks speeding towards checkpoints.

The machine entered its testing phase in 2013 and was revealed only recently. However, further specifications such as maximum range, have not been revealed as of yet.

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