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Man Arrested for Blackmail Under Cyber Crime Bill

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Cyber crime, and cyber bullying, is very real and very disturbing. It leaves people feeling exposed and troubled and there have been many incidences which could be classified as a real, punishable crime.

Hence, the “Cyber Crime Act 2016” was passed, and with more and more cases being registered, the offenders are made to face the consequences under the law.

One such incident involved Sheikh Tauqeer Ahmed, who, after creating a fake Facebook profile of a woman, uploaded illicit pictures of her on the page. He then demanded Rs 200,000 to remove the pictures. The woman and her family then reported him to FIA’s cybercrime department and an inquiry was initiated.

The department traced the suspect’s location and arrested him on November 9th. He was found guilty of blackmailing and spoofing under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act.

Following his arrest, the FIA took him under their supervision on November 10th for two days. Sheikh Tauqeer was then brought to a magistrate on Saturday. Fazal Mabood, a sub-inspector of the case, informed the court that they had retrievevd the login credentials of the Facebook profile and the email address used to create the account.

As of yet, the officials have not been able to retrieve the money from the suspect. A six day period of physical remand was requested from the court to dig deeper into the matter to locate accomplices the suspect may have had. The court granted a 2 day remand and informed the FIA officials to present in court on Monday (today).

Because there is a high incidence of such occurrences, it is of great comfort to know such people can be traced and dealt with appropriately. We hope to see a precedence being set here, as the punishments inflicted on these criminals may prevent others from following their lead.

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