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Lahore Smog: what are the reasons and what can you do about it?


Even the Pakistani meteorological department made the announcement that the smog would last for at least 5 more days, it’s already gone, and now we all can have sigh of relief!

Many of us have been taking it as a fog, even the Google weather stamp on my phone thought the same. But guess what? Fog doesn’t turn your eyes itchy and burning, nor does it leave you with breathing difficulties.

The smog, that looks much like fog is actually highly toxic and causes serious breathing problems, especially for asthma patients.

What are the reasons for smog formation?

If you didn’t notice before, it’s a normality for the smog to descend every time around December in Lahore, and it’s always so dense that even airplanes flights have to take some time off.

Over the last 5 years, the smog condition is just getting worse, and this owes largely to the high amount of pollution caused by vehicles and factories. And with the recent aggrandizement of developments in Lahore like Metro train, the debris is making it even worse. The trees had been cut down for construction of new roads, flyovers and underpasses.

During winter, all the pollutants get down onto lower levels of atmosphere as a consequence to cold spells and dry conditions and when it rains it all just gets even worse.

It’s really a moment of epiphany for the development-focused authorities to look into this condition and make some balancing moves to deal with this appalling condition.

And if you didn’t know, Lahore is one of the most populated cities of Asia and so the problem of pollution is only going to get worse if right measures aren’t taken. It’s such a shame that even after spending billions of rupees on roads and infrastructure, there is no availability wide-scale availability of public transport that’s good enough to substitute people’s personal motor cars or motor bikes.

Dealing with Smog

  • Keep windows closed. Whether it’s your home, office or even motor car that you are travelling in, make sure that the smog won’t get entrapped into a room or enclosed space.
  • Use a mask that you can easily get from the pharmacy stores, and
  • if you are facing severe burning eyes, try to stay indoors, and if nothing else works, get some swimming googles. They might look extremely odd and funny, but that’s a cheap and effective solution.
  • Avoid going out for a morning jog.
  • If you have respiratory issues like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or asthma, don’t forget to keep an inhaler with you all the time.

Stay safe folks!

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  • smog-in-lahore: bbc

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