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Infinix Sends Data Back To China

infinix sending data back to china

Infinix, a brand that functions within Pakistan, is among those that are under this threat.

This is not the first incident that has happened this week. Earlier this week, researchers from Krytowire discovered that Chinese smartphones were found to be carrying permanent and pre-installed firmware which gathered sensitive information; messages, call logs, geolocations and sent them off to a third-party server in Shanghai, China.

The company responsible for this latest problem is Ragentek Group.

Problem Identification

The researchers stated that the problem was discovered first hand as one of their researchers bought a BLU Studio G smartphone from BestBuy.

The researchers also stated that the smartphone utilizes an insecure method of communicating with remote servers and contains an insecure over-the-air system, which is powered by the Ragentek firmware.

The weak security and lack of SSL support enables the attackers to intercept and communicate on behalf of the attacker with the OTA server.

There are security concerns with a number of the applications we use these days but Anubis researchers say that the issue is much more serious than we realize.

Algorithm Hiding To Hide Tracks

The researchers, additionally found another issue. The company’s algorithm, working with two more algorithms, also has  a code which hides its presence from the Android operating system.

The binaries will conceal the updates being received by the phone from the developer, thus raising no alarms. The researchers had come down to a dearth of SLL protection which is the main concern.

Three OTA server domains were discovered by the researchers, only one which belonged to the Anubis researchers. The researchers then began to register the other two domains, which enabled them to establish an interaction with all the devices running Ragentek firm.

Employing the methods above, the researchers collected sufficient information and statistics.

A Shift In Market

The researchers stated that this discovery will initiate a huge shift in the market as people who are conscious about their personal information and security will discontinue purchase of the brands responsible for releasing private information.

BLU was found to be  the only brand which was affected most severely when Kryptowire published their research earlier this week.

The “Others” category was not identified by the researches.

Compared to the ADUPS backdoor, Ragnetek do not accumulate the information nor do they pile up or forward the information. However, invading one’s privacy is a crime punishable by law and should be dealt accordingly. The jury is as of yet unsure as to how they plan to proceed with the matter at hand.

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