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Buy Self-Lacing Nike Shoes For $720


If you’re a frequent surfer of the net and up to date with the craziest trends nowadays, you must have heard about the famous (or infamous?) self-lacing shoes Nike has just introduced. Ever since Marty wore them in Back to the Future II, it is every fan’s dream to wear such ‘self-sufficient’ shoes. After netting millions of dollars for Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson research charity recently, the shoes are finally going to hit retail – with the biggest hindrance to their sales being the cost itself.

For a whopping $720, as disclosed by the famous YouTuber Jacques Slade, the HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes are actually cheaper than the previously thought $1000 range. However, even for the high price finalised, we’re assuming many people will just prefer to tie their own shoelaces for now.

As of yet, the shoes are just a glimpse of the future (where everything becomes automated and we slowly regress into completely dependent beings – whoops!), until countries like China decides to duplicate the design with cheaper labor and lower prices. The laces are designed to self-adjust when the user puts the shoes on. The tightness can also be modified by the button on the shoe’s tongue.

Obviously, with automated devices comes the responsibility to charge those, although you probably wouldn’t mind doing that. The HyperAdapt 1.0 takes three hours to charge completely, and can last up to two weeks based on that charge. Because we live the modern life, and to supplement fashion aesthetics, the charging takes place via wireless chargers.

I know I’ll be sticking to my good ol’ tie-it-yourself Nikes, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who is going to grab a pair, welcome to the future! (You’re one step closer to being completely insufficient.)

The shoes arrive later this month, on both retail and Nike’s online stores. They’ll be available in a choice of three colors.

Come to think of it, $720 will still be a bargain for people who were willing to buy the early versions for as high as $100,000, with proceeds going to Michael J. Fox’s charity (eventually $6.75 million were raised). God knows how many people will lose their savings over them.

Now, we can all solemnly wait for that hoverboard.

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