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BBC World To Accommodate Punjabi and Other Languages

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BBC, the world’s leading news channel, has made a decision to expand its BBC World Service to 11 more languages as part of its target to expand to more destinations. It is being called the largest BBC expansion “since the 1940s” by the corporation.

The UK government has made an announcement that there was a big boost to funding last year and this could be a result of that.

New Language Services

The languages included in BBC World will include:


  • Punjabi
  • Afaan Oromo
  • Amharic
  • Gujarati
  • Igbo
  • Korean
  • Marathi
  • Pidgin
  • Telugu
  • Tigrinya
  • Yoruba


These languages are targetting the West Afrigan region, the east African region, the Korean surroundings and the subcontinent as a whole. These services are also expected to be available in 2017.

It should also be added here that the broadcast service in Punjabi will be the same for Pakistan and for India both. However, it is not yet confirmed what script will be used for Punjabi (since India and Pakistan have different scripts of the same language) nor if there is going to be any written content as well.

Tony Hall, director general of BBC, says  “This is a historic day for the BBC, as we announce the biggest expansion of the World Service since the 1940s”. He also adds “The BBC World Service is a jewel in the crown – for the BBC and for Britain. As we move towards our centenary, my vision is of a confident, outward-looking BBC which brings the best of our independent, impartial journalism and world-class entertainment to half a billion people around the world… Today is a key step towards that aim.”

Staying Up To Date

Because the world is fast progressing towards a more social-media centered outlet, BBC has been making an effort to stay relevant in the online world by increasing adaptation of news to mobile and video content as well as a greater presence on the social media channels. It will also introduce a full digital service in Thai after its success with Facebook-only “popup” service, which was launched in 2014.

Other Goals

As part of its goals to expand its services, BBC plans to extend bulletins in Russian, enhance and improve TV services across Africa with 30 new TV programmes in the sub-Saharan African region, introduce new regional programming in BBC Arabic, and also launch radio and online content in the Korean peninsula as well as invest in World Service English with new programmes and increasing journalism.

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