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AliExpress’s Biggest Shopping Event of the Year

ali express 11 sale

Alibaba’s subsidiary, AliExpress, is the biggest online retailer in the world, selling everything at a wholesale price through its website.

It’s most anticipated shopping event is 11.11 or Single’s Day, which generated $14.3 billion in revenue and is expected to go even higher this year.

From tomorrow, a large variety of discounts will be made available to you. This guide tells you everything you need to get started.

11.11 Sale

Products with this label over their brand names are on sale, so do look for these badges! This sale goes up every 11th November.


Available to you by AliExpress, you can use coupons to avail cheaper prices. Also, choose Rupeeco to avail a 7% discount on items not part of the sale.

Seller and Product Ratings

Before buying a product, look at the seller’s feedback reviews. If the seller is rated below 95%, take a step back as you may come across risky business such as not getting a refund.

Also, search for reviews on the product that have been left by previous customers. They come in the form of ratings, pictures, comments and the like. Do a thorough research to know what the product is like in reality.

Buyer Protection

AliExpress ensures buyer safety by enforcing some policies that work in your favor. Should your parcel get lost, you will be paid back in full when the purchase protection is about to end. If the item is defective or different in any way, you can get a partial refund at the least.

The process is fairly simple. Open a dispute if the purchase protection time is nearing to an end or the item is defective. You may ask the seller to resend the item. Disclose full details with your complaint, and a screenshot of the message if the item  hasn’t been received, or a picture of the product if it is defective. However, it’s not a great idea to open disputes too early.

Shipping Tips

It is best to opt for orders through “Registered Air Mail” options. These packages are tracked the entire time they are being shipped, and it is easier on the refund package if you do not receive your package.

Some sellers send it free through this option. Others may cost you a little, but that’s okay, you’re already on a discount! Happy shopping fellas!

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