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WhatsApp Doodling is the New Gig


WhatsApp, in an attempt to stay apace with the latest trend of instant picture editing, has introduced new picture and video editing tools.

What’s New?

The new tools enable the users to personalize their pictures by writing or drawing on the photo while customizing the colour and font style as they prefer.

Users can also add emojis along with the text and drawings to make their photos more expressive.

For the selfie lovers, low light or night time are not going to be the problems anymore, since the WhatsApp camera now also supports a front-facing flash, so the selfies are going to be just perfect.

Recording videos with WhatsApp are fun. With the new zooming feature, users can conveniently zoom in and zoom out by sliding the fingers up and down. And double tapping the screen switches the camera between the front and rear faces.

The photo editing tools pop-up as a new photo is captured or one is chosen from the photo library.


The new camera options have been updated on Android phones on October 3, 2016,  but it seems that the iPhone users will have to wait a little for the update.

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