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Starbucks is Finally Coming to Pakistan

starbucks coming to Pakistan

Let’s admit, Starbucks is a legend! Take a sip once and get hooked for life. The American coffee company has, for long, enchanted the world with its mesmerizing freshly brewed coffee, always leaving its customers longing for more.

True to its name, it certainly is the best coffee one can dream of. With 23,768 coffeehouses around the world; 13,107 in the US, 2,204 in China, 872 in South Korea and Japan boasting around 1,160, it ranks as the largest coffeehouse in the world. Unfortunately, Pakistanis have for long, been deprived of this fascinating pleasure.

But Folks no more! It’s time to stop wondering why the whole world is enchanted by Starbucks. Yes! You got it! Starbucks is finally making it to Pakistan. And we can very well speculate that it is going to be a huge success since Pakistanis have long been waiting for this moment.

Sources have it, that the Coffeehouses, at first, will be opening up in Islamabad and Karachi (Too bad for the Lahori’s 🙁 ). Starbucks will be launching with all its regency, bringing in the signature “ Ready Brew” made with fresh roasted coffee beans, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Salted Caramel Mocha, new Chile Mocha, scones, cakes, muffins and a lot more. Certainly, a menu bound to make anyone drool.

So, all the coffee enthusiasts, get ready to spice up your coffee love! I am sure you all can’t wait for the day Starbucks opens up for service and finally taste the world’s most celebrated coffee.

Happy Chai Mornings till then :p

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