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Share Location via Instant Messaging Apps


Save the frustration of explaining your location to your loved ones in Pakistan.

Instant messaging apps are here to help you.

Over the last decade, mobiles have evolved to become much more than a wireless telephone. From instant email access to free video chats, smartphones have made our lives so much easier.

One characteristic feature smartphones offer is GPS location and Navigation services.Nowadays, all smartphones are GPS-enabled which facilitates the users to pinpoint their location on the maps.

Not only can you identify the location yourself but you can save the frustration of explaining it to your loved ones.

How do I Share my Location?

You can simply share your location with your friends and family via instant messaging apps. All the Instant messaging giants such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Telegram etc have this location sharing option.

Sharing location with such apps is as easy as sharing photos or videos.

Sharing location with WhatsApp:

WhatsApp being the most widely used instant messaging app offers a very user-friendly process to share the location. Firstly the user will have to select the contact with whom he intends to share the location with. Afterwards, all he has to do is click the share button which gives him the option to share any photo, video, document or his location. Upon clicking the location option the app will automatically identify his location on the map. His current location will be precisely marked by a blue pointer. The recipient will receive the sender’s location marked on the map with a red pointer.



Sharing location with Facebook Messenger:

With Facebook Messenger, the user can easily share his location by first selecting the contact with whom he wants to share his location with. Now the user should click on the ‘three dot option’ as the picture below illustrates. The app will then display the sharing options. The user now has to press the location option, which then automatically opens up a map with the user’s location marked with a blue pointer. Pressing the ‘Send’ button sends the location to the intended recipient. The recipient will receive the message with the location of the sender marked with a red pointer. The whole process takes mere seconds to complete.


The Facebook Messenger app allows the users to share their location even if the receiver of the location does not have the Messenger app installed on his phone. He will simply get your message in ‘Facebook Private Messages’.


This feature can only be used if the ‘location services’ in the phone settings have been enabled by the user and the app used to share the location has been granted access to the ‘location services’.

So now, you can always invite your friends for a meet-up, without having to experience the frustration of explaining your location to them. 


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