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Pakistani Artists Can Now Benefit From the Revenue Generated By Their YouTube Content

In a press conference organized on Wednesday at the DHA Golf Club, YouTube launched their Youtube Partner Program and introduced a new offline video feature.
YouTube’s much of the revenue is generated through Pakistan which has an online population of 29%. Now content creators in Pakistan can monetize their original works with the help of the YouTube Partner Program. Content creators will obtain a large part of the revenue generated from their videos while YouTube benefits from the rest. YouTube also promises to help video creators build larger audiences.

Khurram Jamali, Head of Google Asia Pacific Industry, while praising the video creators in Pakistan said,
“Since we launched YouTube in Pakistan earlier this year, we have seen amazing things from Pakistanis. The breadth of their talent and creativity is already very impressive and we hope this program will help bring even more Pakistani talent onto the platform to share with the world.”

The addition of YouTube’s offline video feature will allow selected videos to be available for offline viewing over the next 48 hours. Jamali informed that the feature’s purpose is to make it easier to enjoy videos on mobile devices and also decrease the overall amount of data being spent daily.

Google Asia Pacific Next Billion Users Head of Business Development, Tania Aidrus said that this feature would facilitate the people especially the ones without Wi-Fi or network coverage. “By making these popular videos available for temporary offline viewing, fans can connect more easily with their favorite content, while also helping bring more viewers to their videos. We hope to keep finding better ways to make video content more affordable and accessible in Pakistan,” She elaborated.

The event also featured performances of YouTube sensations including Ali Gul Pir. Pir’s unique “Wadere Ka Beta” earned him much deserved fan following. While talking about his YouTube journey, he said, “I took my video (Wadere Ka Beta) to TV channels and they rejected it, saying there was no female lead in the video. I approached radio stations but they said it was controversial. So I just uploaded it on YouTube and the rest is history.”

Besides Pir, a number of other famous Pakistani video creators namely comedian Danish Ali and Justin Bibis performed on the occasion. The finale included Noori’s performance besides Saad Sultan and Haroon Shahid. After some amazing songs, Rachel Viccaji joined them on the stage for a concluding performance on the hit Baliye.

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