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Now Exchange Your Note 7 with a Galaxy S7 Edge and Get Rs.10,000

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Samsung Note 7 has set the South Korean smartphone giant on fire, literally! Samsung, after having its reputation heavily impeded by Note 7 flaming up, is now trying to compensate its customers, hoping to retain their loyalty to the company.

Fully aware of its market share in Pakistan, Samsung has now offered a compensation to the Note 7 owners in the country.

Pakistani Note 7 users have been offered two options as means of compensation. They can either get their phone exchanged with a Galaxy S7 edge along with PKR.10,000/– or get a refund of the original price.

“Samsung did not launch Galaxy Note 7 in Pakistan but all customers who pre-booked the phone are requested to contact the relevant retailers to get a refund,” a statement on the manufacturer’s official website said. “We request everyone with a Galaxy Note 7 to backup their data and switch off the device.”

Samsung, who once boasted off its manufacturing competence has suffered a huge blow as 2.5 million of the premium devices have been sold worldwide that are now being, not only recalled but also compensated for. As a result, the losses are expected to rack up to $5 billion for Samsung this year.

Another blow to the company was dealt when aviation authorities banned Note 7 on any of the flights. In U.S, boarding a plane with Note 7 has been declared a federal crime punishable by law. Air personnel have been ordered, “Deny boarding to a passenger in possession of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device unless the passenger divests themselves and their baggage of the device.”

The flaming up of Note 7 has proved to be catastrophic for the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer. Not only has it brought a bad name to the company and a loss of Note 7 profits but providing compensations to the customers has also pushed back the company in cash flow efficiency. Moreover, the timing couldn’t have been worse, since the rival “Apple.Inc” just released their new series of iphone 7 furthering the damage to the loss of a huge Samsung customer base affecting future profits as well.

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