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Naya KPK!! Peshawar traffic police introduces SMS service to reduce corruption

Peshawar Police

It has been a chronic ailment and a black mark on the face of our traffic police that whenever they do challan, it’s usually without any authentic receipt and the money that people pay, goes straight into the pockets of our police men. So people knowing all this do not follow traffic rules and are often found reluctant to pay their fine even if they are faulty. This eventually leads to the poor traffic system and the chaos and lawlessness on the roads. Since there is no proper check and control.

Peshawar traffic police has taken a new step forward to improve and systemize the traffic rules for their effective implementation. Using the telecommunication media to empower the traffic police is not an innovative idea since its long been implemented in the foreign states but it is an encouraging change in Peshawar.

Now any person who is being fined can send an SMS to 9460, with the ticket number or challan number. He will receive an SMS showing the date, time and amount plus the police officer identification. People will have surety of the challan and they will know that it is original and is deposited with the government account and not going into the pockets of traffic warden. On the other hand, by following this system people are obliged to pay it. And they will receive a confirmation SMS.

This will bring ease in effective management for the police department, providing a record of all the challan. People will have it in their mind that now there is no loopholes or and dark passage of getting away with the challan plus the money they are giving is submitted with the police department.

Officials say that this system is introduced to reduce the corruption in least possible way and to get confidence of the public. Once public is sure that the system is righteous, they will follow the rules and system will develop.

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