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Mobilink-Warid Merger: Mobilink to Warid calls will now count as on-net


When we heard the rumors about Mobilink-Warid merger, there wasn’t much excitement, not even for the customers. In fact, the only segment of the population that was intrigued, and more precisely, appalled by hearing that news were the employees working in both telecos, anticipating a possible downsizing. There wasn’t much expected, and no one really cared if the merger would become a reality, until now when the customers heard the first good news.

Mobilink to Warid calls will now count as on-net on select prepaid and postpaid plans. However, over time, we could also expect these features to be available on all Jazz packages, soon. We hope that it’s going to be much better in the future.

Over time, and probably within next six to nine months, the entire integration is expected; after that, both Warid and Mobilink customers will be come under a single umbrella/brand with unified calling tariffs. But we aren’t still certain how they are going to make it happen.

And yes, all Mobilink and Warid customers will be able to retain their existing numbers, but they will then become part of a bigger brand (still no clue what it would be).

The branding strategy resulting from this merger is still not known, and even with a massive combined customer base of 50 million, there is a lot more that could be done than to just unifying the tariffs or brining out more promotions.

What’s in there for the customers?

Apart from the aforementioned, we can also expect some serious improvements in the quality of services as the merger has the tendency to come up with the largest 2G, 3G and 4G LTE services in Pakistan. The two organizations say that the merger will help them reduce the discrepancies in their cellular services that would largely improve the user-experience.

According to them, the primary focus of the merger is to come up with a high definition video and audio calling, but we could also expect a few major customer service upgrades too. For instance, if you aren’t able to find a Mobilink Customer Service Center in the vicinity, you can try Warid’s. These integrations will be able to provide an elevated customer service that could largely benefit both Warid and Mobilink.

Network Sharing

We know that Mobilink only has a 2G and 3G coverage, and Warid only has 4G LTE. These different network capabilities on the two telecos would help each other get better signal coverage. For instance, in the absence of a 4G services, Warid can take benefit of Mobilink’s 3G service, and vice versa

Moreover, the merger would also lead to a unified SIM recharge system that can allow you to recharge your Warid SIMs from a Mobilink’s scratch card, and vice versa.

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