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Learn What Facebook Knows About You


Facebook tracks your likes and dislikes on its network and stores that data to serve you ads related to your preferences.
In 2014 when Facebook bought WhatsApp they promised not to associate contact details of WhatsApp with Facebook but later Facebook decided to synchronize these details.

Critics’ claim that it serve you ads by knowing your personal needs. A New-York-based News publisher ProPublica argued that Facebook knows about your family, friends, and even credit card details.

News reporter claimed that they have researched on an algorithm which Facebook alike company uses. By using this Google Chrome plugin, you can easily get to know the details which Facebook knows about you, by editing these details you can help this plugin to work with more accuracy.

This video will help you understand how Facebook knows about your personal details.

One critic has claimed that Facebook even uses your phone’s microphone to know what you are up and serves you the ads related to that. To prove her claims she talked about to visit some recreational place, and Facebook started showing ads related to holiday places. Facebook has rejected these allegations and has assured that they do not listen to phone’s microphone and this incident was just a coincidence.

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