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ISI can now take action against cybercrimes in Pakistan


Government has accepted the role of ISI to fight against cyber crimes and has given them a legal cover for preemptive actions against criminals.

Prevention of Electronic Crime Act (PECA) 2016 will grant power to many federal agencies to act against cyber crimes in Pakistan.

Government’s decision to provide legal cover to covert agencies like ISI is supported by many.

ISI, IB and PTA have joined hands to combat cyber crimes.

“The ISI wanted a legal cover for action against those allegedly committing online crimes against the state and undermining the national security and we had to agree with the proposal,” disclosed a member of the meeting held at the Ministry of Interior on Wednesday.

FIA cyber crime wing; a civilian agency is already working against cyber crimes and under PECA they have rectified more than 12 cases nationwide under this act.

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