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Get Up to 7% Cash Back while Shopping at your Favourite Online Stores; Amazon, Daraz, AliExpress & More


With the rising number of e-stores, Pakistanis have finally caught up with the online shopping trend that has taken over the world in the recent years. Adding fuel to the fire, websites offering discounts and deals have spurred an online shopping frenzy.

A recently launched Pakistani discount website “” has introduced a new incentive to allure Pakistanis for online shopping. The website is offering up to 7% cashback on any of the purchases made through the website. Cool! Isn’t it?


Cashback means that a certain percentage of the paid price will be refunded to the customer. A 10% cashback implies that if you pay Rs.200 as the price of a product, Rs.20 will be refunded to you. It differs from a discount in such a way that you will have to pay the full price at the time of purchase and will get a refund later on.

What is Rupeeco?

Rupeeco is a Pakistani discount website that offers money saving deals such as discount deals, voucher codes, and cashback. It offers a wide range of products from Clothing, Home & Living, Health & Beauty to Electronics, and Travel.

The website is not an independent seller but showcases the products of well-known e-stores such as Amazon, Daraz, and AliExpress along with many others. Once the customer selects the product, the website automatically directs the transaction to the original retailer’s website where the purchase is then finalized. After the transaction has been completed, the retailer transfers a commission to Rupeeco who pays it back to the customers.

The service is totally free and all you have to do is register an account with Rupeeco.

How can I avail cashback from Rupeeco?

  1. Create an Account with Rupeeco.
  2. Activate the Account by responding to Account Activation Email.
  3. Login to your account and click All Deals
  4. Choose your desired retailer or scroll down to view the Hot deals.
  5. To avail the offer just click on the “Get Offer Now” option beside the desired product.
  6. You will be directed to the original retailer where you can complete your transaction like you normally would and Rupeeco will automatically track your transaction amount and refund you within due time.


How does it work?


After a purchase has been made via Rupeeco, Customer’s Rupeeco account is updated with Pending Cashback within 3 days of purchase.

Pending Cashback becomes Confirmed Cashback once the retailer confirms the cashback to Rupeeco. This process takes between 4 – 12 weeks since the retailers have to take into account their return policies.

Once the Confirmed Cashback amounts to Rs.300, the customer becomes eligible for payment of cashback. The amount upon request will be transferred into the customer’s bank account.

Or as Rupeeco explains it;

It is to be noted that since Rupeeco depends on web cookies so it’s important that user’s browser settings allow cookies, Javascript, and third party images. Services like AdBlock disable Rupeeco to track customer’s transactions and process cashback. So make sure to have your AdBlock disabled while using Rupeeco.

Happy Shopping! 🙂  

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