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Fraudsters Hacking Pakistani Bank Accounts


Beware Pakistani banking customers!

Fraudulent SMS are enticing the general public to give up their personal bank accounts information to the fraudsters. Many incidents of false banking SMS in Pakistan have been reported in the past few days. Customers of various banks have reported having received an SMS, (that appears to have been sent by their bank) stating that their SMS subscription needs to be renewed (when that is not the case).

The SMS then requires the customers to enter their account information to continue receiving FREE SMS Alerts about their bank accounts.

Such phishing schemes have also victimized people in the past, beguiling customers to change their passwords hence giving the fraudsters uninterrupted access to their bank accounts. The Email scheme failed as more and more people became aware of the Email scams.

This new trick catches people off guard as SMS Frauds have not been very common in the past. But it appears to be more dangerous than Email scams since it entices people to give out critical information to fraudsters.

Here is a screenshot of the SMS received by a mobile phone user.



Masked SMS:

This SMS appears to have been sent by HBL but actually it’s a masked SMS, that causes people to believe that it came from legitimate sources.

Customers who get duped by this SMS, click the website link ‘’ and unaware of the consequences give in all the required account details. (including mother name, CNIC, ATM card number, PIN etc.).

The scammers then use that information to deprive the customers of all their money and savings.

ATM skimming, Email scams, and other hacks are not unheard of in Pakistan. Pakistani customers have for long been ripped off of their entire life savings in the past.

Pakistani bank and law enforcement agencies have clearly failed to ensure the safety of Pakistani customers’ bank accounts. Such scammers are running around looting people’s money without any incrimination by the authorities.

How to avoid the fraudsters:

Here is a list of things banking customers must keep in mind to avoid any mishap:

  • Bank will NEVER ask for your full Pin or any online banking passwords over the phone, or via email.
  • Customers must be able to recognize the layout of their bank’s website and only submit their password on the official website. Banks only have one website with a specific layout and do not change their website frequently.
  • Customers must not give away any confidential information to the bank over the phone except for the helpline listed on the official website.

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