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Why We Disapprove Of Telenor Velocity

Telenor velocity

Telenor Velocity; a so-called accelerator program which claims to be a startup’s path to the market held its networking event in Lahore, yesterday.

This free networking event enabled only the shortlisted participants to communicate with mentors and other startups. Top entrepreneurs and mentors had refused to participate in the event, so newcomers were introduced as “mentors”.  

Instead of promoting entrepreneurship, Telenor publicized its brand. Participants merely exchanged laughter and gossips rather than discussing new ideas. Even the media did not consider the event important enough to be covered.

One participant said that he had been expecting a grand event from a brand like Telenor. However, Telenor shocked and disappointed many by conducting this small event for a few 100 people only.

Telenor should have taken serious steps to enable entrepreneurship in Pakistan as done by Plan9 and LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship.

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