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Boost your Business with Google’s Free Tools


It becomes hard to dislike Google when it offers a lot of free tools for the benefit of marketers. Marketers today need to step up their game in order to make their business more successful. To fulfill the requirements of the customers, marketers need to keep up with the new trends to get an idea of the customers’ ever changing needs.

For this purpose, Google’s free tools come in handy. Since the business of online selling and purchasing has become more common than ever, it is important for business owners to access, collect and record necessary data throughout the customer’s shopping experience.   If you also have a list of products on your e-commerce site, this article will come in handy for you. Google offers a vast list of free tools to choose from, however, we will only be discussing a few of them today.

  1. Google AdSense


Have you ever created a website and it did not work out for the purpose you intended it to (say affiliate marketing or content development)? What if you could benefit from it financially? If your created website gets even a fair amount of traffic, you can use Google AdSense to earn some passive income. All you have to do is place ad code in the header, content, and sidebar of the website. Your income will be dependent upon your website’s topic and the number of visitors it attracts.

  1. Google Analytics


For a marketer, Google Analytics is without any doubt one of the most important tools. This tool helps you to get an insight about your website’s visitors including:

  • Social Engagement – The social networking sites from which the visitors have come.
  • Demographics – The location and language of your audience.
  • Technology Used – Information about the browsers, operating systems, and networks your visitors are using to view your website.
  • Mobile Information – The number of people using smartphones to visit your website.

So what are you waiting for? Try Google Analytics today!

  1. Google Blogger


For new bloggers, who do not like the way WordPress operates, should give Blogger a shot. If you visited Blogger a few time back, you should consider revisiting it as it has recently been updated to include many new features. It has also been stated that “getting links on Google-owned properties can help with the indexing of your website”, so get the Blogger and start blogging!

  1. Google Chrome


Tired of your slow Internet Explorer? Or out of date Mozilla Firefox? Google Chrome is the choice for you. Google Chrome is speedy in delivering results with numerous extensions, apps, and themes that you can grab to increase your marketing productivity.

  1. Google Drive


 Google Drive is the perfect place for you to share your files online. You can currently store 5GB in Google Drive, 1GB in Picasa, and 10GB in Gmail for free. However, charging begins at $2.49 per month for 25GB to all the way up to $799 per month for 16TB.

6. Google Mail (Gmail)


Gmail is Google’s mailing website which has a unique smart filter system! Gmail can filter messages into several labels which can let them skip the inbox or make it easier to archive. Gmail filters are most suitable for the neat-freaks who wish to keep their inbox clean.

  1. Google+


Google+ is Google’s greatest contribution to the social networking world. With the use of personalized search results, “you can actually rank higher than normal in search results for those you are connected with on the network”. Click here to be convinced of the need to use Google+ for your business!  

8. Google Voice


Google Voice allows you to voice yourself! In other words, it lets you create a phone number to make and receive phone calls and texts. Your messages can be viewed in a user-friendly interface similar to your Gmail. Google Voice is particularly preferable for those who do not wish to give out their phone numbers to particular contacts!

  1. Google Webmaster Tools


Google Webmaster Tools is a great Google product which can increase the amount of traffic on your website. If you have already set up your website with Google Analytics, you can easily add it to Google Webmaster Tools to learn how things are working on your website.

  • Site Configuration – Reserved for checking your website’s settings on the web
  • Site Health – Designated to include crawl errors, stats, blocked URLs, and malware alerts.
  • Site Traffic – This section deals with search queries, internal links, audience demographics and +1 report. The +1 report shows the affect +1 button has on your website traffic so that you can compare the difference between search results with and without +1.
  • Site Optimization – This section includes your sitemaps, HTML improvement suggestions, content keywords and much more.

Make sure to check Labs section regularly. The lab is where experiments with new Google Webmaster Tools features takes place.

Comment below to tell us about your favorite application/tool by Google which made your life easier!


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