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BOL TV transmission launched in Pakistan today

bol tv launched

PEMRA  had canceled the license of BOL TV in September 2015 and now  after  16 months of  sweat, toil and struggles the CEO,”SHOAIB SHEIKH” of BOL TV decided to launch it again. Finally, BOL TV has been launched again at 5:57 pm on 18th October 2016. The bad scenario of BOL TV has come to an end and the news of re-launch of BOL TV spreads a new wave of hope for all the viewers across the Pakistan.

This time, you will see BOL as a complete package of entertainment and it consists of all the platforms that will match the expectations of the audience. It includes the all relevant and important platforms including Television (News, Entertainment, and Sports), Print Media( Newspaper and Magazines),Digital Media ( The Web, Social Media & Media Apps), Cinemas & Movies, Theatre, and Radio. BOL is ready to bring a revolution in the media industry of Pakistan. BOL is a family channel with excellent values and it brings the type of entertainment which is suitable for family.

BOL not only restrict itself to entertainment it is also a source which represents a true Pakistani’s culture. Through their programs, they will try to highlight and portray the culture of Pakistan which brings harmony and peace in Pakistan as well as around the world where BOL is seen. With new ideas for entertainment and clear social development objectives, it brings positive aspect on society. BOL is based on three things that are positivity, professionalism, and Pakistan

BOL is owned by a Pakistani owner. It is BOL’s  Pakistani leadership and the largest infrastructure of BOL in Karachi is the main reason that gives BOL a clear winning end. BOL is undoubtedly the best place to work at and the CEO” MR.SHOAIB”, of BOL is offering more salary than before. BOL is also giving many privileges  like health facility, pick and drop service, indoor ATM service, gym, hotel etc to its employees. This is another element of attraction for the employees of BOL.

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