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Are your apps leaking your data? This is how you can find it out


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Smartphones apps have been making our lives easier, but at the same time, they have been making our personal data vulnerable to dissemination. For instance, we use fitness trackers to keep tabs on our health; social media apps to stay connected with our friends and family and so on. These apps, where they make our lives more convenient, have been accused of stealing our data too. Most people don’t really know if their apps have been secretively leaking data from their smartphones, but now it’s possible to know that!

A new service called Mobilescope is a bliss for all those who have been scaring data theft from their smartphones. This app measures the data that your apps transfer, and if there is some sensitive information being shared by any app on your smartphone, such as email address or passwords, your will be notified, immediately.

“It’s a platform-agnostic interception tool that you can use on your Android, iOS, Blackberry, or Windows device,” says Ashkan Soltani, an independent privacy researcher who created Mobilescope with fellow researchers David Campbell and Aldo Cortesi.

The app developers won a prize at codeathon, a programming content organized the Wall Street Journal, and has now come up with a beta version of their app. The rollout has begun and it might take sometime before you could finally have it on your phone.

To use the services on this app, Mobilescope would require you to sign up, after which a configuration file is sent to your device. Upon installation, all the future internet traffic will be routed through Mobilescope server where it will be analyzed and details will be sent back to the mobile user. The arrangement wasn’t a big deal, thanks to the VPN-compatibility that our smartphones offer. The design of the app makes it possible for the data to be sent and analyzed quicker without extensive lags, something that’s necessary for this app to be a success.

It’s understandable that an app like Mobilescope won’t have a mass appeal like some gaming or social app, but all those who do worry about their privacy would definitely look into this app. In Pakistan, it’s common for us to download apps from third-party stores; this behavior is highly risky and can leave us with data theft at every level. So once the Mobilescope gets a rollout for Pakistan, I would really suggest you to download it and see how your apps are stealing data from you.


Till then, stay safe by avoiding useless and unnecessary downloads.

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