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10 Superb Business Ideas with Investment of Rs.10,000


Ever thought of starting your own business? We all dream of the day when we no longer have to put up with the whip cracking by our supervisors and get to be our own boss. But for one reason or another,all our dreams remain elusive. Our fear of being challenged and more often than not, the thought that we need loads of money to start a business holds us back.

It certainly takes some courage to initiate your own startup and a lot of motivation and drive to make it a success. But gone are the days when you needed tons of money to become your own boss. The main problem hampering us now is our lack of awareness of the opportunities that lie bare, right in front of our eyes and need as little as Rs.10,000/- for investment.

Yes, You heard me right! Rs.10,000 or even less is all it takes to start your business in this modern world of tech and startups. We will tell you how!


If you are an expert in any field such as law or finance or investment, you can straightaway start an advisory or ‘consulting firm’. The only investment you will need is for business marketing and networking so spend a few bucks on website development and business cards and start off.

2.Free Lancing:

Capable of web development or writing on any niche? If yes, then the internet world is full of opportunities for you. Various freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr have made freelancing so much easier by bringing together clients and freelancers on the same platform.


Having a laptop or smartphone with a camera can do miracles if you make videos with it and upload them on youtube. Youtube having extended its advertising services to Pakistan has made it possible for Pakistanis to earn a decent living by making youtube videos. Famous you tubers like Zaid Ali T, Ali Sufian and Rahim Pardesi are making millions solely through their youtube channels.


Think you have enough grip and knowledge of a particular field, share it with the world through your own blog. Advertisements on your blog will bring in the cash or you can opt for a  monthly or yearly subscription to be your source of income.

5.Content Writing:

Don’t have the technical capability to develop your own blog? Become a content writer for other blogs. Content writing is not just limited to blogs but you can also write for websites or go into academic writing. Content writing jobs are widely available on Upwork and Fiverr, the only requirement is a good writing capability and a slick Upwork or Fiverr account.


Programming is the most lucrative market in today’s age of software, web and app development. Learn any programming language e.g C++, Java, Ruby online with codeacademy and codeavengers, or through various private institutions offering short coding courses in Pakistan and start off in this high remunerative market.

7.Logo Designing:

Have an artist inside, yearning to be discovered? Logo designing is your gig then. Developing unique logos or exclusive templates for startups can bring in a handsome sum of money given that you are gifted at your craft.


With the world gone global and the businesses trying to reach to audiences in every corner of the globe, the translation market has scaled enormously. Being proficient in two to three languages and exploiting your translation skill over the internet can rack up your income by a decent amount. Websites such as gengo can help you find freelance translation work online.


In this time and age, photography can be adopted a full fledge business. Be it wedding photography, nature photography or product photography, the possibilities are just endless. If you have an eye for photography, the talent can pay off very well. Websites such as Alamy, Shutterstock, iStock Photo pay a royalty to the photographer for every picture downloaded.

Although photography equipment may not fit within our Rs.10,000/- investment limit but you can start off with a decent camera and buy exquisite equipment by reinvesting the money you make.

10.Selling Online:

Skilled in bargaining and buying high-quality products at a cheap price? There are thousands who are willing to pay more for those products. Sell to them and make money without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. Online marketplaces like olx and ebay offer an astonishing opportunity for all who want to start up a selling business. Facebook is another platform to show off your products and services and reach out to your customers.

Although all these ventures require a skill set and hard work but once you set your mind to something, nothing is off-limits. The key to success in these competitive niche’s is a good marketing strategy and making your presence known on the internet.

With ‘No Money’ puzzle solved, you should now get going and strike your shot before it’s too late!

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