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Google launches Allo — a texting app that’ll make Facebook unhappy

There’s another new messaging app out today, but this one’s worth a download.

Allo is a great messaging app and it’s worth the download.


It was announced in May 2016 but now available to download for billions of users across the world. It’s free and available on Android and IOS platforms.

Smart App

Google is calling Allo a smart app as it will learn from your conversations and give text predictions like other smart texting keypads but it takes things to the next level and even predict your desired answer, for examples, when a message was received on Allo. “Hi, how are you? It suggested an answer “I’m good, thank you.

Currently, this feature is working in English language only.


Enjoy Super Private & Self-destruct Messaging Features


All messages sent through Allo are encrypted by Google’s servers, but incognito mode will even make them secret on your device.

Only sender and receiver will get the real message and anyone trying to intercept their chat will see a mixture of content which is not readable.

You Can Doodle

Like, snap chat you can doodle on Allo as well. A large selection of stickers is available.

Shout Out Loud!


Hold the send button for few seconds and it will give you options to choose the font size, you can choose a font size to shout, shout out loud instead of writing in Caps.

No Ads

Yes, Allo won’t serve any ads, which is a big treat to WhatsApp which is also not serving any ads at the moment.

Bottom Line

It’s a best messaging app released by Google to threat the Facebook and WhatsApp market share. It provides a large

If your friends and family are on Android and IOS devices this app will work great for you.


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